Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coconut Safari

Whilst in a local bar one evening, my friend and I concocted a girly, fruity, drink with help from the bartender. Believe me, a heavy feat in Wyoming. This delicious tropical drink we christened "Coconut Safari Delight" the main ingredients being coconut and pineapple of course. The recipe follows:

Coconut Safari Delight
1 part each, vodka and coconut rum, poured over ice
top with pineapple juice

Those little suckers were delicious!

On a second occasion (with the same friend, I might add) we found ourselves short a couple ingredients for the same mixture, but I came up with the cousin of the Coconut Safari Delight:

The Coconut Safari EXTREME!
1 part each, Bacardi Limon and coconut rum
2 parts orange juice
pour over ice, filling half the glass
top with sprite or club soda

Yum! I like this one even better than the Delight, because of the lack of vodka (we don't really get along).
The Extreme, is because it's extremely delicious! And I like drinks with weird names.
Be forewarned, these drinks are sweet and personally, I can't taste the alcohol before I feel it.
Remember to enjoy responsibly. You may feel like you are on a tropical island, but you can still get a DUI in a boat.  :)

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