Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best BBQ Beans for all your summer cook-outs (recipe from last Saturday)

This is my new recipe that I'm obsessed with and I just might start making it by the gallon. In fact I've got the dry beans at the house that have been soaking and I'm going to go turn them on at lunch to start cooking :)

I used cooked bacon instead of ham (delish)
Deli mustard instead of yellow
red/purple onion instead of yellow
Just a regular green bell pepper
no chili powder or oregano

Also, I didn't read the directions of the recipe until the day of my BBQ so I obviously didn't want to let them soak in the fridge overnight. But had there been any left over, I'm sure the flavor would be even better after it soaked overnight. I just put them in a small crockpot and cooked them on slow for about 2 hours. OH SO GOOD. I could have skipped the BBQ chicken and just eaten beans and corn for dinner. My friend Jennifer did such an awesome job on these :) I just found the recipe and ingredients and she did all the work.


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